Check These 5 Features before Choosing an E-Commerce Platform

Like a house built on a rock-solid foundation so is an online store created on a reliable e-commerce platform. This statement may sound strange, but it represents the secret to online business success.  But the question is how do you determine the best platform to house your e-commerce site?

Notably, when you key in e-commerce solutions on a search engine, you get feedback presenting you more than a thousand suggestions. Each provider professes to be the best. Also, if you are not careful. Falling into the hands of scammers is easier. However, one quality of a reliable e-commerce platform is the features it is offering to you. Here is such feature to consider in your selection process:

Reporting capabilities

Your business success relies on the decisions you make on a daily basis. Right decision leads to growth, and the opposite is true. However, decision making is a process. The input of this process are reports you generate from your business operations. Reports you generate determines the course of action you will initiate. For instance, you need a sales and inventory report to decide whether to do a reorder or not. In this regard, a suitable platform should have the capability to produce the reports you need to make your decisions. This should include sales, traffic, cart abandonment, bouncing, and other essential reports.

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Kind of customer support offered

Customer support is core in e-commerce. Regardless of information you present on your site, some customers will reach to you to clarify specific issues or to finalize their purchase decisions. Importantly, customer support forms the basis for establishing a long-term relationship with your clients. In qualifying an e-commerce platform, you need to check whether it has various options that will enable you to offer solid support to your customers. This should include live chats, email, and phone support as well as links to your social pages. As such, you should ensure that your platform of choice has the right customer support features. This way, you will save your site from losing sales.

Compatibility and integration

Another aspect to consider is the ability of your site to be compatible and integrate with your business systems. As you know, the effectiveness of your business lies in the capacity of integration of all systems and working as one. A perfect platform must be compatible with current systems and offer to be ready to integrate with future ones. Thus, you should consider this feature when selecting an e-commerce platform.